January Brown Biography

I have been in the industry since 2004, and am the proud owner of Reveal Salon with my husband Shawn. Ever since I was little and did my first haircut on my sister at age 7, I knew I wanted to grow up and make people beautiful, of course my skills have come a long way since then! I chose to go to a private cosmetology school in St Louis because it meant a great deal to me to have solid training in this field. After graduating I worked in a very high end salon in St Louis with over 80 employees. There I went through an extensive 6 month training program so that when i graduated to the salon floor, myself as well as the clientele would be fully confident in my art.

In 2007 we opened our salon in Streator IL. I enjoy all fields of the industry. It's amazing to me how someones look can be completely transformed with colors, or foil placement. And how tailored and professional you can look with a classic clean-edged haircut. Or on the flip side how someone can look relaxed and trendy with a razor cut. I love working with the public and turning someones bad day into a beautiful one.

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